MTE IT & Solutions offers a broad range of services to its customers, this helps in catering for services often cited by clients with no apparent knowledge of information technology and communication. Our consultations offer clients an overview of what they could need, unless its for a specific product or service, where we explain to a client the requirements and as well as the advantages of what’s needed in terms of solutions.
 • Desktop, Laptops Maintenance and Sales • Support and Maintenance • Consulting • Website Hosting & Domain Registrations • Networks, Cabling • Web and Intra-net Setups • Backups and Security • Hardware and Software • Servers and Workstations • Point-of-sale Systems • Broadband Connectivity • Printer repairs • Graphic Design • Corporate Printing • Corporate Branding • Business Consultations
Our support offering goes beyond computer networking and server maintenance, it goes as far as corporate branding and graphic design services. Some of our clients are SME’s and Medium Companies, that still lack a lot in terms of branding services, from the industry standard “corporate e-mail” to a basic office with backup servers for data storages. As specialists in the field of Information Technology and Communication, we will strive to provide our customers with expert services.
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